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5 things you need to do in your Kannaway back office in the first 48 hours


Joining Kannaway can be an incredibly exciting moment as you take the first steps in building your own hemp and CBD networking business. The first few days of your new Kannaway business are critical as you work to achieve FastStart status and gather all the important information you need to succeed with Kannaway. Fortunately, we are here to make sure your Kannaway business starts on a solid footing. Here are 5 things you should do in the first two days as a Kannaway Brand Ambassador.

Check the personal information

When you first register with your Kannaway back office, you must first verify that your personal information such as name, address, date of birth, social security number, etc. has been entered correctly. This will ensure that you receive all communications from Kannaway and that there are no delays in delivery of product orders or payment of compensation.

Review policies and procedures

Next, you should read Kannaway’s policy and procedures document to make sure you are conducting your Kannaway business properly and complying with the rules that apply to our industry. Our policy and procedures document includes the Kannaway Code of Ethics, business restrictions, best practices for regulatory compliance, and more. Reading and understanding Kannaway’s policies and procedures is an important step towards a successful Kannaway business.

Read the Getting Started Guide

Named the Kannaway Steps to Success, our Getting Started Guide contains 10 steps that all new Brand Ambassadors should take when they begin their journey with Kannaway. These steps include placing your first product order with Kannaway and registering with SmartShip, creating a contact list of potential candidates, and using Kannaway resources to learn how best to market your business.

Review the Product Guide

Before you start building your Kannaway business, you should get to know the products we offer in our store. In our product manual you will find detailed information on our more than half a dozen hemp and CBD brands, including product descriptions, ingredients and instructions for use. The Kannaway Product Guide makes it easy for you to get to know the products in our store and gives you the confidence to share their benefits with potential customers and BA candidates.

Learn about the compensation plan

Finally, you want to thoroughly understand the Kannaway Compensation Plan, which describes how you earn income from your Kannaway business. If you know the details of the compensation plan, you can fully exploit your earning potential. Our compensation plan is available in your Kannaway back office in EN, PL, DE, FR, CZ, HU and DK.

Register now in your back office to get started.

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