Can CBD improve sex life?

Nowadays there are countless products that are supposed to boost your sex life and bring new momentum into your bedroom. From sex toys to slippery games to underwear, the industry delivers new ideas for more fun in bed almost every day. While such gimmicks can have a positive effect on sex life, couples usually have deeper problems as to why the fire doesn’t burn as it used to.

Many problems with sexuality can be traced back to mental or physical causes, which in turn make sure that things don’t run smoothly when it comes to sexuality. We don’t feel fulfilled and this can gnaw away at our self-confidence.

Cannabidiol has many useful properties and scientific research in recent years suggests that CBD could be an alternative treatment for problems with sexual performance – whether psychological or physical.

How can CBD improve sex life?

Healthy sexuality is part of a healthy lifestyle and what could be better than expressing affection for one’s partner with physical closeness? For some people, however, the thought of such intimate moments can lead to fear and panic.

Especially in the midst of romantic moments it can happen that you are taken by surprise by your feelings. Feelings of fear, physical insecurity or doubts can quickly turn such occasions into an unpleasant experience.

Even though CBD appears to be a newcomer in the wellness industry, there are already many studies that suggest the great potential of cannabidiol for relieving anxiety. So why couldn’t cannabinoid also help overcome anxiety in the bedroom?

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual disorder that affects millions of men in German-speaking countries. Women can also suffer from it. The fear of sexual failure plays a central role in the development of erectile dysfunction. This is where the therapeutic potential of CBD comes in. Through its stress-relieving and relaxing effect, CBD could take away such worries and provide more relaxation.
CBD against inflammation

Cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory potential and experts consider inflammation to be the cause of reduced sex drive. Our immune system responds to an inflammation with white blood cells that attack the inflamed areas in our body to clear the ship again.

People with chronic inflammations not only often suffer from pain, but also from circulatory disorders. Especially for men this can become a real problem. Circulatory disorders can cause erectile dysfunction. You can no longer maintain an erection properly – or it doesn’t get that far.

Due to the remarkable therapeutic properties of cannabidiol, the cannabinoid could relieve inflammation and pain, which can be a possible cause of erectile dysfunction.

CBD for pain

For many people, pain is a major reason why the desire for sex disappears – understandably so. People quickly tend to fall back on conventional drugs that promise immediate relief. Unfortunately, many painkillers have many side effects that can affect libido.

There are scientific reports analysing the use of CBD in chronic pain. It has been found that there is clear evidence to support the theory that cannabis (including CBD) is an effective treatment for chronic pain in adults. And thanks to the safe use of cannabidiol, you don’t have to worry that side effects can interfere with sexual function.

Sex is all about relaxation and CBD has the potential to reach this state in a natural way. So far, no side effects have been reported, only mild drug interactions have been reported in studies. Although apparently harmless, the use of CBD for improved sexual function should be discussed with a doctor when combined with other preparations.


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